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NPT UK helps donors achieve their philanthropic goals—in their communities and around the globe.

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NPT UK helps you achieve your philanthropic goals.

National Philanthropic Trust UK (NPT UK) is an English charity driven by our mission to make philanthropy more convenient and efficient for donors. We provide donor-advised funds to donors in the UK and around the world who wish to base their philanthropy from the UK.


Our mission is to increase philanthropy in society.


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Give smarter with our customisable donor-advised funds.

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are an increasingly popular giving vehicle in philanthropy. We work with donors, advisors, financial institutions, corporates, foundations and charities to give using DAFs. We’ll help you spend less time dealing with the complicated, administrative side of giving and more time focusing on what you want to achieve.


With an NPT UK DAF, you can:

Contribute a variety of assets

Make international and specialised grants

Choose from a wide range of investment options

Establish a lasting giving legacy

Philanthropy Resources

We offer resources to help you understand the charitable landscape and inform your giving. Looking to compare charitable giving vehicles or understand how tax laws impact philanthropy? We can help.

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Grant Highlights

NPT UK works with some of the world's most generous and inspired philanthropists.

01/ 03
Refugee Services

A £170,000 grant provides a child-friendly community space and programming at a refugee center.

02/ 03
Higher Education

A £8,800 grant supports higher education for students and helps operate the university's five medical centers.

03/ 03
Youth Mentoring

A £75,000 grant supports operations at learning centers for disadvantaged children, offering mentorship and academic support to better prepare English youth for university.

More than

4,800 grants

recommended by NPT UK donors, and counting

Our Grant Highlights series illustrates the breadth of causes and organisations NPT UK donors are supporting with grant recommendations from their donor-advised fund accounts.

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Learn what’s trending in philanthropy—and why it could matter for your giving goals. NPT UK’s blog helps illustrate what’s possible for giving with a DAF.

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