What is NPT Transatlantic?

NPT Transatlantic is a dual qualified charity which means it is recognised as a charitable organisation in both the UK and US. NPT Transatlantic is an independent English charity (Charity Number 1153376) and is recognised by the IRS as public charity for US tax purposes because it is considered a disregarded entity of National Philanthropic Trust (EIN 23-7825575) in the US.

NPT Transatlantic provides donor-advised funds and a single gift service for UK/US dual taxpayer donors.

NPT Transatlantic offers a convenient and tax-efficient way to conduct your philanthropy in the UK or US for a global impact.


What is ‘dual qualified’?

NPT Transatlantic is a dual qualified charity, which enables donors to benefit from tax relief in both the UK and US simultaneously. Donations to NPT Transatlantic are treated as donations to a UK charity by HMRC and as donations to a US charity by the IRS.

NPT Transatlantic is for:

  • Any donor who pays taxes in both the US and UK (a ‘dual taxpayer’).
  • US donors who want to support UK charities that do not have US ‘friends of’ organisations.
  • UK donors who want to support US charities that do not have UK ‘friends of’ organisations.
  • Donors who wish to make global grants.


The benefits of using NPT Transatlantic versus giving directly.

If you give to a UK charity directly and you are also a US taxpayer, your gift does not qualify for a US tax deduction. If you give to a US charity directly and you are a UK taxpayer, your gift does not qualify for Gift Aid and you cannot claim tax relief on your tax return. Giving with NPT Transatlantic means your gift qualifies for tax relief/tax deductions in both the US and UK.


What is a Donor-Advised Fund for Dual Taxpayers?

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a personal philanthropic fund administered by NPT Transatlantic. A DAF is a flexible alternative to a private charitable foundation. Donors establish a DAF account and donate cash or appreciated assets, recommend investments to grow the assets in the DAF account, and recommend grant payments to charities anywhere in the world at any time.


How it works

DAF Benefits

For more information visit our Become a Donor page.

Tax Benefits

Because NPT Transatlantic is recognised as a charity in the UK and regarded as a US tax-exempt organisation for US tax purposes, NPT Transatlantic will provide tax receipts to donors for UK and US tax purposes.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is the name of the UK tax incentive for cash donations. It is a split tax incentive between the donor and the charity.

Cash donations that qualify for UK Gift Aid increase the value of cash donations made by 25% and the Gift Aid reclaim amount is credited to donor’s donor-advised fund account.

If a donor pays over the basic rate of tax, they are eligible to claim the difference between their tax rate and the basic tax rate on the gross donation when completing their Self-Assessment tax return.

For more information about Gift Aid, see How Does Gift Aid Work? and visit the Gift Aid calculator on our Tax Advantages page.

Contributing Appreciated Assets

You can take tax relief when you make a charitable contribution to your DAF, reducing your tax liability. Among the most tax-efficient ways to do this is to donate publicly traded securities to your DAF. These contributions exempt you from paying capital gains tax on the shares’ appreciation.

For more information on all the tax benefits visit our Tax Advantages page.

Grow Charitable Assets

Choose from a wide range of investment options. You may recommend a specific investment advisor for DAF accounts greater than £500,000 or $800,000.

Global Grants

Grants can be recommended to qualified charitable organisations around the world at any time. As a UK/US dual qualified charity, NPT Transatlantic must comply with all Charity Commission, HMRC and US Federal Tax Law regarding required due diligence on beneficiary charities and acceptable grant purposes. NPT Transatlantic conducts all necessary due diligence on grantees.

Get Started

The 4 steps of getting started.

  1. Review our Reference Guide.
  2. Complete and sign the Donor-Advised Fund Application.
  3. Complete a Gift Aid Declaration to maximise your contribution.
  4. Initiate a transfer of assets.

Single Gifts to Charity

NPT Transatlantic Designated Funds are suitable for one-time donations for donors who wish to give to a specific charity once or over time. Donors contribute to NPT Transatlantic for the specific charity’s designated fund, and NPT Transatlantic will issue both UK and US tax receipts and complete its due diligence on the charity for the grant.

There are many benefits for charities to use this service and to attract cross-border donors, and it is likely to cost significantly less than operating an UK or US charity for overseas donors.

For further information, please visit our Single Gifts page.

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