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For Advisors

We work with a wide range of advisors like you to empower your clients’ philanthropy.

Private bankers, wealth managers, legal advisors, tax advisors and estate planners across the UK have engaged their clients in strategic philanthropy, offering NPT UK donor-advised funds as a convenient, tax-efficient option for charitable planning.

Being well-informed about the advantages and benefits of DAFs will expand your own base of knowledge and help you deepen your relationship with your clients.

We at NPT UK are happy to pass our charitable expertise on to you. On this page, you’ll find resources to assist you in talking with your clients about whether a DAF is right for them, and in maximising the impact of your clients’ giving.

Advisor Resources

How to Help Your Clients Create a Giving Legacy

When you discuss charitable giving with your clients, you will find that many of them hope to make a positive impact that outlasts them. Some clients may wish to name charitable beneficiaries as part of their legacy. Others may look for ways to engage the next generation.

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Three Key Moments to Talk to Clients about Donor-Advised Funds

Once your clients have a DAF in place, you can help them use this effective giving tool to realise their philanthropic goals for years to come.

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How to Talk with Clients about Donor-Advised Funds

Advisors often ask about how best to start a discussion around giving with their clients. Talking about philanthropy offers many benefits—not just for your clients, but for your business, as you deepen your client relationships and learn how to serve them better.

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Wealth Planning and Philanthropy in Times of Crisis

As we all adapt to living differently during the coronavirus pandemic, advisors are grappling with how to best support their clients during this period of volatility and uncertainty.

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Tips for Advisors in the Age of COVID-19

Individuals, households, communities and nations are dealing with the very real public health threat of COVID-19 as well as the economic and social consequences of much of the global economy shutting down.

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Four Reasons to Talk to Your Clients about Donor-Advised Funds

There are several reasons why it is important for advisors to support their clients’ philanthropic efforts through a time of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We work with some of the world’s most generous and inspired philanthropists.