2023 Grantmaking Report

At National Philanthropic Trust UK (NPT UK) and NPT Transatlantic, we are proud to support our donors as they positively impact lives through their philanthropy in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Recent socio-economic uncertainty has resulted in heightened pressure being laid on individuals and their livelihoods. Therefore, we are grateful that despite a wide range of challenges, our donors have consistently risen to the occasion, recommending grants to support historically marginalised communities or offering a safety net to charities in need of stable funding. Generous donors played a vital role in rapidly mobilising funds during crucial moments both domestically and globally, addressing such issues as the climate crisis, cost-of-living concerns across the UK and humanitarian needs.

During the 2023 fiscal year (FY23), our donors recommended grants at historically high levels, supporting over 800 charitable organisations from around the world through their donor-advised fund (DAF) accounts.

Grantmaking from NPT UK surpassed £16 million in value during FY23 and saw a 35% increase in the number of grants made from the previous year. NPT Transatlantic distributed a further £68 million in grants in FY23, accompanying a 10% increase in the number of grants made from FY22.

This report highlights the inspiring generosity of our donors despite the pressures and economic uncertainty of the last year. These grant stories and statistics act as further proof of the continuing growth in popularity of donor-advised funds as highly impactful giving vehicles in the UK.

To increase philanthropy in society, collaboration is essential. I am grateful to NPT UK’s and NPT Transatlantic’s respective Boards of Trustees, our partners, my stalwart colleagues and, most importantly, our dedicated donors.


Warm Regards,

John Canady
National Philanthropic Trust UK & NPT Transatlantic


Executive Summary

NPT UK is an English charity driven by our mission to make philanthropy more convenient and efficient for donors. We provide donor-advised funds to donors in the UK and around the world who wish to base their philanthropy from the UK.

NPT Transatlantic is a dual-qualified charity, recognised as a charitable organisation in both the UK and the United States (US). NPT Transatlantic is an independent English charity (Charity Number 1153376) and is recognised by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a public charity because it is a disregarded entity of National Philanthropic Trust (EIN 23-7825575) for United States federal tax purposes. NPT Transatlantic provides donor-advised funds and a single gift service for UK/US dual taxpayer donors.

This Grantmaking Report encompasses our latest fiscal year (FY23), 1 July 2022 through 30 June 2023.

In FY23, NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic donors responded with generosity and supported humanitarian aid to international crises, such as the war in Ukraine, as well as their longtime charitable commitments.

Grantmaking Highlights

Nearly 500 Grant Recommendations

NPT UK issued 493 grants in FY23, an increase of 35% compared to FY22.

Over 300 Charities Supported

NPT UK granted to 303 unique charities in FY23, a 29% increase over FY22.

Grant Value Increased Over 100%

NPT Transatlantic grant value increased by 121% over FY22. International grant value for FY23 increased 82% over FY22.

Grantmaking Themes

Philanthropy and Humanitarian Aid


From natural disasters in Turkey and Syria to the conflict in Ukraine, humanitarian disasters in FY23 have left millions across the globe in desperate situations. Philanthropists reacted quickly to these crises and others, providing vital support to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and affected communities in their times of need. One of philanthropy’s greatest assets is its flexibility, making it an essential complement to governmental aid.

Philanthropy also plays an important role in long-term relief, as it can act as a catalyst for long-term recovery and resilience. Philanthropy-driven investments in education, healthcare and infrastructure can help fortify communities against future crises. As the news cycle inevitably moves on, philanthropists can continue thinking collaboratively and creatively about how to leverage their resources to help those affected by humanitarian crises.

Philanthropy and the Climate Crisis


Philanthropy is playing an increasingly vital role in addressing the global climate crisis, complementing efforts by governments and the private sector. Philanthropists are uniquely positioned to support research and development projects that may be overlooked by traditional funding sources. By providing “seed funding” via grant recommendations for start-ups and research initiatives, donors are accelerating the development and deployment of innovative solutions to enhance climate resilience.

Philanthropy alone cannot solve the climate crisis. By pooling resources and expertise, collaborative giving can amplify impact, driving systemic changes that are necessary to mitigate the effects of climate change and transition to a more sustainable and equitable global economy.

Further, many philanthropists are focusing efforts on empowering communities to develop their own resilience strategies, particularly in historically disinvested communities and regions where financial resources are often limited.

Grantmaking Volume on the Rise

Grantmaking helps us achieve our mission of increasing philanthropy in society. Donors utilise their DAF accounts to recommend grants to charities. In FY23, our donors recommended grants to charities across the globe.

The number of grants recommended by NPT UK donors in FY23 increased by 35%, and grantmaking from NPT Transatlantic also surpassed previous years. These grants support charities of all sizes and various focus areas across the world.

Total Volume (#) Grants FY20-FY23

Grantmaking Value Increases In FY23

Driven by ongoing critical situations, including the cost of living crisis, total combined grantmaking value for NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic increased 111% in FY23.

Total Value (£) of Grants FY20 – FY23

Numbers expressed in millions

Donors Support a Wide Range of Charities

NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic donors continued supporting the charities they are most passionate about, while expanding their philanthropic efforts to new charities across the globe. NPT UK donors recommended grants to 303 unique charities in FY23, an increase of 29% over FY22. NPT Transatlantic donors widened the number of unique charities by 13% over the last fiscal year, recommending grants to 499 charities in 23 countries.

Number of Unique Charities

Supported by NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic Donors

Grantmaking Areas of Focus

NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic donors recommended grants in eight different interest areas, with 33.5% of grantmaking supporting Human Services. Donors also recommended grants to charities that support causes across a broad spectrum of interests.


Combined Figures for NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic

Grantmaking Impact

Over the last fiscal year, our donors recommended grants to a large and diverse group of organisations.

The grants below represent a small sample of our donors’ total grantmaking yet demonstrate the breadth of their charitable commitments.

Educating Through Nature

A grant of £50,000 helped empower children to be confidently curious about the great outdoors, inspiring through nature and farming and helping cultivate important life skills and a sense of wonder towards the natural world.

Funding the Fight Against Children’s Cancer

A grant of $45,000 helped provide a lifeline of support for children and their families experiencing the trauma and heartache created by a childhood cancer diagnosis.

Supporting Earthquake Victims

After the series of fatal earthquakes in February of 2023, a grant of $20,000 helped aid the relief effort for survivors in Turkey and Syria.

Preserving History for Future Generations

A grant of $50,000 helped preserve objects and bring stories to life at a prominent museum, giving today’s generation the opportunity to learn about people’s experiences throughout major moments in world history.

Protecting Human Rights

A £3,000 grant supported work that monitors and researches human rights abuses, educates the public, seeks justice and advances human rights on an international level.

Providing a Bright Future for Children with Learning Disabilities

Donor-recommended grants equalling £49,000 provided family support, research capacity and equipment at the UK’s first purpose-built centre for multi-disciplinary therapy for childhood disability.

Cost of Living

Grants totaling £6,000 lent support to foodbanks across the UK who work tirelessly to tackle hunger and food insecurity throughout the year.

Climate Change and Woodland Conservation

A £1 million grant was made to support the protection of critically important domestic woodlands, helping to create a greener future for the UK.

Keeping Women, Men, and Children Safe

Grants totalling £3,000 helped provide life-saving services to survivors of domestic abuse, helping to build a future free of domestic violence.

Thank You

We would like to extend a special thank you to our donors who make this charitable work possible.


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