Impact Investments

Impact investing gives donors the chance to advance their philanthropic goals by investing in projects that generate positive social impact in addition to a financial return.

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Donors can use the assets in their DAFs to make impact investments, which can in turn be granted. The structure of impact investments varies, and possibilities for causes to support are virtually limitless.


NPT UK’s Impact Investment Offering

In recognition of our donors’ desire to maximise their charitable impact, NPT UK offers a range of impact investment options on our DAF investment menu. These options address a range of social and environmental issue areas including climate change mitigation, gender equality and causes supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

NPT UK can also work with donors to build bespoke impact investment portfolios. Donors with a donor-advised fund balance above £500,000 may recommend impact investments outside of NPT UK’s current standard offerings.


Get Started

NPT UK is proud to offer an impact investment platform as a way to provide our donors with an opportunity to maximise their charitable impact in line with their values. To recommend that your donor-advised fund assets be invested in NPT UK’s impact investments, please contact us.

Get strategic with your giving.