For Charitable Trusts and Foundations

Foundations and charitable trusts are powerful giving vehicles but can be costly and time-consuming to maintain. NPT UK can help you convert your foundation to a donor-advised fund account with less overhead while still receiving tax benefits and providing grant flexibility. Your Board or Trustee body can act as advisors and successors to the donor-advised fund account in perpetuity. You can even keep the name of your foundation or charitable trust intact.

Alternatively, donor-advised funds can work in tandem with your foundation and charitable trust. Donors who maintain foundations or charitable trusts often find that a DAF is a useful complementary vehicle. For example, a DAF permits the donor to make anonymous grants where a foundation or trust does not. A DAF is also an easy way to outsource the administration of specialised grant arrangements, such as multi-year grants or naming grants.

To discuss converting your foundation or charitable trust to a DAF, or using a DAF in tandem with these vehicles, please send us an email or call us at +44 (0)800 133 7540.

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