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Charitable Giving Statistics in the United Kingdom

NPT UK curates statistics from recent studies and reports on charitable giving and philanthropy in the UK. Please refer to the footnotes for original sources.

Donating to Charitable Causes

  • Most people have donated to charity in the last year (60%).1
  • Most people report giving to charity from time-to-time (51%) or monthly (25%).1
  • The average monthly donation amount in 2017 was £44.1
  • Overall charitable giving was up 2.9% among UK non-profits in 2017.2

Who Gives

  • Women are more likely than men to give to animal charities (29% vs. 19%) and hospitals (25% vs. 20%).1
  • Young people are more likely to give to physical and mental health care charities, shelters for the homeless and for refugees, and educational institutions, while the oldest age group are more likely to favour hospitals, disaster relief, and religious charities.1

Online Giving

  • Online giving increased in 2018 by 17% compared to 2017.2
  • Online giving increased 5.5% among UK non-profits in 2018.2
  • About 8.4% of overall fundraising revenue, excluding grants, was raised online in 2018—a record high percentage.2
  • The largest increases in online giving between 2017 and 2018 were seen in Arts & Culture (5.8%), Public & Societal Benefit (4.4%) and Healthcare (3.3%).2
  • 24% of all online donations in 2018 were made using a mobile device.2

Why We Give

  • Medical research (26%), animal welfare (24%) and children or young people (23%) were the most popular causes to donate money to in 2017.1
  • Religious organisations receive the largest share of donations by monetary value: 19%.1
  • The average donation to religious causes is £59. The overall average donation was £44.1

How We Give

  • Most donors prefer cash donations: 55% of donors made a cash donation in past 12 months.1
    • Other popular methods of donation include: buying goods (43%), raffle/lottery (40%), direct debit (32%), online (26%), or fundraising event (23%).1

Organisations & Foundations

  • The top 300 independent foundations represent approximately 90% of all giving by value of the 10,000+ independent foundations in the UK.3
  • Grant spending by the top 300 foundations in 2016/2017 reached a record £3.3 billion.3
  • Between 2013/14 and 2015/16, the largest organisations increased in income while the smaller organisations stayed the same or decreased slightly.4
    • The income of ‘major and ‘super-major’ organisations (income over £100m) increased from £23.5 billion to £24.8 billion between 2014/15 and 2015/16.4
    • The number of ‘super-major’ organisations increased from 42 to 45 between 2014/15 and 2015/16, indicating that some ‘major’ organisations received sufficient growth in income to push them over the £100 million threshold.4


  • 38% of survey participants reported volunteering at least once in last 12 months.5
    • 22% of survey participants reported volunteering at least once per month in 2017-2018.5

Large Donations

  • There were 310 donations of £1m+ in 2016, a 5% decrease compared to 2015.6
  • Large donations (£1m+) totaled £1.83bn in 2016, the highest figure since the financial crisis of 2008-2009.6
  • The average size of a large donation (£1m+) was £5.9m in 2016, a slight increase compared to 2015 (£5.9m).6
  • The largest single donation was £80m in 2016.6
  • Large donations (£1m+) from foundations totaled £1bn in 2016, accounting for 55% of all £1m+ giving for the calendar year.6
  • Large donations (£1m+) from individuals totaled £313m in 2016, accounting for 17% of all £1m+ giving for the calendar year.6
  • Large donations (£1m+) from corporations totaled £512m in 2016, accounting for 28% of all £1m+ giving for the calendar year.6
  • Of the 310 large donations made in 2016, London accounted for 211 gifts, 60% of £1M+ giving.6
  • The breakdown of large gift giving (£1m+) in 2016 by sector:6
    • Foundations: £559m, 57 gifts
    • Higher Education: £656m, 71 gifts
    • Overseas (recipient was based outside of UK): £156m, 48 gifts
    • Arts, Culture & Humanities: £100m, 40 gifts
    • International (international development): £30m, 11 gifts
    • Human Services: £65m, 18 gifts
    • Health: £94m, 27 gifts
    • Public & Societal Benefit: £65m, 10 gifts
    • Religious: £47m, 6 gifts
    • Environment & Animals: £15m, 5 gifts
    • Education (non-university): £23m, 12 gifts
    • Unknown/Other: £17m, 5 gifts

London Giving

  • The value of London’s cash giving is an estimated £5.6 billion per year from all private sources.7
  • An estimated £2.01 billion is donated by Independent Trusts & Foundations in London per year.7
  • An estimated £2.0 billion is donated by individuals in London per year.7


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