For Financial Institutions

To provide the best donor-advised fund service to your clients, work with NPT UK.

We provide a company-branded, full-service DAF solution to financial institutions. A DAF programme in partnership with NPT UK allows you to:

  • Expand your client offering and increase your charitable assets under management
  • Leverage our philanthropic expertise to benefit your clients and advisors
  • Provide your advisors with a planning tool that can extend to multiple generations
  • Focus on growing the DAF programme, while we act as the fiduciary and fully support all administration

NPT UK assumes all of the administrative, legal and technical aspects of managing your DAF programme, including gift acceptance, grant due diligence and distribution.

NPT UK’s staff provides prompt and professional support to both advisors and clients. You may determine custody of the charitable assets and recommend how they will be invested, based on NPT UK’s Investment Policy. NPT UK can provide your advisors with marketing materials, education and support to strategically and successfully market the DAF to clients.