Global Grantmaking

We provide philanthropic solutions for global aspirations.

NPT UK provides global grantmaking support for donors.  

We offer multiple options for our donors’ global philanthropy. Donors may recommend grants:  

  • Directly to a charitable organisation outside the UK
  • To UK-based charities with a global mission 
  • To intermediary charities (UK-based non-profits that fund overseas charities) 

Grants to charities based abroad require additional due diligence to determine the charity’s eligibility to receive a grant. NPT UK vets charities outside of the UK, which may include analysis of the charity’s incorporating documents and financials. Our staff’s behind-the-scenes work to qualify charities lets donors focus on their global charitable vision. 

Our team of philanthropic experts can assist with the specialised grantmaking services needed to achieve a donor’s goals.

We have global impact.