Single Gifts

NPT Transatlantic offers designated funds for donors who wish to make a single charitable gift or recurring gifts to one specific charity. As a dual qualified charity, NPT Transatlantic will issue the donor a UK and US tax receipt.

How it Works

The donor completes the Designated Fund Contribution Agreement, listing a specific charity, and returns it to NPT Transatlantic with a copy of the donor’s passport (and, if the donor is a UK taxpayer, a Gift Aid Declaration).


  1.  The donor makes a contribution to NPT Transatlantic.
  2.  The donor receives UK and/or US tax relief, depending on where the donor is a taxpayer.
  3.  NPT Transatlantic recovers any Gift Aid due from HMRC.
  4.  NPT Transatlantic conducts the required due diligence and makes a grant payment, plus any Gift Aid and less fees, to the named charity.


Donor Benefits

  • Claim US and/or UK tax relief
  • Contribute a wide range of assets, including shares
  • Benefit from low-cost cross-border giving fees
  • Support favourite charities in the US if living in the UK, or in the UK if living in the US
  • Support charities globally

Charity Benefits

  • Engage new donors
  • Receive gifts with no set-up or annual fees
  • Accept gifts from outside country of residence
  • Process grants quickly and easily
  • Receive additional money via Gift Aid (for non-UK charities)


Get Started

If you would like to speak to someone about making single gifts, please contact us at or +44 (0)800 133 7540.