For Family Offices

Family offices around the world are choosing donor-advised funds as the vehicle to manage their long-term giving.

As with all family office activities, philanthropy too can be conducted with professionalism and commitment. A DAF at NPT UK is a simple way to build your family’s philanthropic fund without the complexity or cost of setting up your own foundation or charitable trust.  As well as having a much lower administrative burden, a DAF offers family offices the following benefits:


Customise investments
Every family office is unique with different investment objectives and risk profiles.  Until grants are made, the assets in a DAF can be invested too, where they can grow tax-free. NPT UK has a variety of investment options, both traditional investments and impact investments, and also offers customised portfolios so that DAF assets may be managed within your family office context.  Impact investment options are increasingly used by families who wish to align their investment choices to their charitable motives.


Remain anonymous, if desired
Under the family office structure, individual confidentiality is ensured as wealth management and other advisory services for family members are under a single entity owned by the family. When it comes to philanthropic giving, a DAF at NPT UK offers you the option to give anonymously thereby retaining the highest possible level of confidentiality. When families do desire recognition, they can use their DAF to secure naming rights to buildings and programmes or establish charitable programmes in their family’s name.


Guide future generations
Many families use philanthropy as a way to teach younger family members valuable life and business skills.  With a DAF you may involve family members in giving decisions right from the start or leave it to the next generations to manage in perpetuity.  You can start without a specific cause in mind and grow your philanthropy over time as your experience, interests and mission develop.

Learn about how a DAF works—and how it can work for you.