2022 Grantmaking Report

At National Philanthropic Trust UK (NPT UK) and NPT Transatlantic, we are proud to support our donors as they continue to positively impact lives through their grantmaking in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Events in the last few years placed enormous pressure on people’s lives and livelihoods. We are grateful that our donors have consistently stepped up, recommending grants to support underserved communities or offering a safety net to charities in need of funding. Generous donors played a vital role in rapidly mobilising funds in challenging times both domestically and globally, supporting issues like the international refugee crises, food poverty, and other cost-of-living issues across the UK.

During the 2022 fiscal year, our donors recommended grants to more charitable organisations than ever before, helping over 1,000 charities from their donor-advised fund (DAF) accounts.

Grantmaking from NPT UK surpassed £9 million during 2022, representing a 45% increase in the number of grants made from the previous year. NPT Transatlantic distributed a further £30 million in grants in 2022.

This report highlights the incredible generosity of our donors despite the various challenges and economic headwinds of the last year. The stories and statistics also act as further proof of the continuing growth in popularity of donor-advised funds (DAFs) as effective giving vehicles in the UK.

We can only work to increase philanthropy in society through collaboration with others. I am grateful to NPT UK’s and NPT Transatlantic’s respective Boards of Trustees, our partners, my dedicated colleagues and, most importantly, our committed donors.


Warm Regards,

John Canady
National Philanthropic Trust UK & NPT Transatlantic

Executive Summary

NPT UK is an English charity driven by our mission to make philanthropy more convenient and efficient for donors. We provide donor-advised funds (DAFs) to donors in the UK and around the world who wish to base their philanthropy from the UK.

NPT Transatlantic is a dual-qualified charity, recognised as a charitable organisation in both the UK and the US. NPT Transatlantic is an independent English charity (Charity Number 1153376) and is recognised by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a public charity because it is a disregarded entity of National Philanthropic Trust (EIN 23-7825575) for United States federal tax purposes. NPT Transatlantic provides donor-advised funds and a single gift service for UK/US dual taxpayer donors.

This Grantmaking Report encompasses our latest fiscal year (FY22), 1 July 2021 through 30 June 2022. In FY22, NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic donors continued to respond with generosity to the COVID-19 pandemic recovery and to support humanitarian aid to international crises, such as the war in Ukraine, as well as their longtime charitable commitments.


Grantmaking Highlights

Record Number of Grants

NPT UK grant volume increased by 45% compared to FY21.

New Charities Supported

NPT UK granted to 27% more charities than in FY21.

Global Generosity Continues

NPT Transatlantic grant volume increased 23% and international grants increased 20%.

Grantmaking Themes

Support for Refugees

Having fled desperate situations from Ukraine to Afghanistan, millions of refugees remain displaced around the world. Philanthropists have reacted quickly and generously, providing much-needed support to NGOs (non-governmental organisations) supporting refugees and displaced communities in their times of crisis.

On this issue, donors have the agility, motivation and, crucially, the financial means to play an important connecting role between governments and the third sector.

To read more about philanthropy’s role in addressing migrant crises, click here.

Climate Emergency

With the climate emergency becoming more acute year-on-year, so too has the need to support those communities most vulnerable to the effects of climate change through climate research and sustainability and mitigation efforts.

Collective action and collaboration have been the key to addressing climate change, which is well understood by philanthropists who are adept at pooling resources, developing and sharing research or forming partnerships. Philanthropists and private funders are committing more capital and resourcing to climate mitigation and sustainability than ever before.

To read more about how philanthropy is supporting global climate action, click here.

Grantmaking Volume on the Rise

Grantmaking helps us achieve our mission of increasing philanthropy in society. Donors utilise their DAF accounts to recommend grants to charities. In FY22, our donors recommended grants to charities across the globe.

The number of grants recommended by NPT UK donors in FY22 increased by 45%, and grantmaking from NPT Transatlantic also surpassed previous years. These grants support charities of all sizes and various focus areas across the world.

Total Volume (#) Grants FY20-FY22

Grantmaking Value Remains Steady

Driven by acute and ongoing global crises, total combined grantmaking value for NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic continued to eclipse pre-pandemic giving.

Total Value (£) of Grants FY20 – FY22

Grantmaking Areas of Focus

NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic donors recommended grants in eight different interest areas, with 32% of grantmaking supporting education. Donors also recommended grants to charities that support the environment, animals, the arts and health.


Combined Figures for NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic

Grantmaking Impact

Over the last year, our donors recommended grants to a large and diverse group of organisations.

The groups below represent a small sample of our donors’ total grantmaking, but demonstrate the breadth of their charitable commitments.

Educating Young Women

Two grants totalling approximately $18,000 helped girls affected by conflict, poverty and disease return to school.

Working with Refugees

A £8,000 grant assisted the securing of shelter, food and other essentials in Poland for the ongoing Ukraine refugee programme in Poland.

Aiding Global Communities

A £50,000 grant supported relief efforts in Ukraine and Afghanistan, providing resources for food and medicine.

Supporting Veterans

A £35,000 grant raised awareness of the important issues that help to improve the lives of serving and ex-serving personnel.

Funding The Fight Against Malaria

A £100,000 grant was made to a charity working to help protect people living in areas where malaria is endemic.

Transforming Young Lives

A £200,000 grant helped transform the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Helping the Homeless

A £250,000 grant provided young people facing homelessness with accommodation, health support and life skills to support their education, training and employment.

Funding Cancer Research

A £20,000 grant supported a national cancer research charity working to cure various types of cancer.

Supporting Families

A £50,000 grant supported children's palliative care, funding a helpline to connect the families of terminally ill children with relevant services.

Thank You

We would like to extend a special thank you to our donors, who make this charitable work possible.