May 17, 2023

Helping Donors Make a Global Impact

Author National Philanthropic Trust

The global philanthropy market is now estimated to be over £182 billion, with many donors looking to create an impact around the world as their personal and business interests transcend international borders.

It is therefore increasingly important that donors understand how to navigate international giving structures and their complexities in the most convenient and tax efficient way possible.

We’re here to help. NPT UK and NPT Transatlantic have administered grants worth millions of pounds to charities in more than 30 countries on six continents. We work with donors who support a wide range of causes in all corners of the world, from locally led organisations, to multinational charitable agencies.

Through our DAFs, we offer several options to support donors with their global philanthropy, whether they want to recommend grants to charities outside the UK or UK/US based charities with a global mission.


Taking care of enhanced due diligence for international giving

Donors should be aware that international giving requires enhanced due diligence and administrative procedures to determine a charity’s eligibility to receive a grant, beyond the level that might be expected domestically. In all circumstances, we look after this administration, with NPT UK carrying out operational and regulatory checks, so donors can focus solely on their charitable ambition. As a result, donors can give to charities virtually anywhere in the world through NPT UK.


Giving effectively for US-connected donors: NPT Transatlantic

Our dual-qualified charity, NPT Transatlantic, also offers donors a convenient and tax-efficient way to achieve global impact through their philanthropy. As a dual qualified US/UK DAF provider, NPT Transatlantic enables donors to benefit from tax relief in both the UK and US as donations are recognised by HMRC and the IRS respectively. NPT Transatlantic is most often used by donors who pay taxes in both the US and UK, or who want to support UK charities that do not have US ‘friends of’ organisations and vice versa.


Global impact investing opportunities

Our DAF donors can recommend that DAF assets be invested, before they are granted out, potentially creating additional value over time through social impact investment opportunities. With the ESG agenda becoming increasingly important to the new generation of donors across the world, this is an attractive option for those looking to align their philanthropic activity with their personal and professional values in pursuit of social impact.

We are proud to offer donors multiple options for global philanthropy. Contact us to find out how we can help your clients.

About the Author

Natalie Pinon is Director of Development at NPT UK. She has over 15 years of experience working with philanthropists and impact investors to manage their giving.