December 7, 2020

The Difference Our Donors Make

Author National Philanthropic Trust

NPT UK is driven by its mission to make philanthropy more convenient and efficient for donors. Our donor-advised funds (DAFs) and philanthropic expertise serve the needs of individuals and families globally. Whether using a DAF as their principal giving structure or as a companion vehicle to other philanthropic funds, our donors support a wide range of causes in all corners of the world.

As we come to the end of an unprecedented year, we reflect on the huge impact our donors have had on the charitable causes they help. Many people are naturally deeply concerned about the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on society’s most vulnerable. Whether it’s helping smaller charities that have been directly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak or supporting larger organisations working on longer term solutions, we are inspired by all the donors who have given through NPT UK this year.

Here are just a few examples of how our donors have helped:

Supporting frontline health workers

In the UK, National Health Service (NHS) staff working on the front line have faced unprecedented working hours and conditions. Working under intense pressure and challenging circumstances, NHS staff (including support staff, doctors and nurses) need food on the go. An NPT UK donor made a £68,000 grant to provide NHS staff nutritious meals during the early days of the pandemic. The grant was made through a charity working to improve a hospital’s facilities for the benefits of patients, employees and the wider community.

Providing clean water and sanitation facilities to rural communities

In many rural parts of East Africa, the challenge of providing year-round clean water is considerable. The global pandemic has made it even harder to ensure access to safe water and sanitation. A £200 grant was made to purchase and distribute soap to a small population in rural Kenya. Although on the surface a simple purchase, the grant has helped to greatly reduce the spread of coronavirus among people living there. The grant was made through a small volunteer run charity working to support the basic healthcare needs of the local population.

Accelerate the development of new drugs to combat COVID-19

The COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator was founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and Mastercard to work with leading scientific organisations to develop promising diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines to stop the spread of the virus and to help people who have the virus. NPT UK facilitated a $12m grant to support the programme, which focuses on developing new drugs and exploring the potential to repurpose existing medicines. Through partnerships, the work will develop, manufacture and distribute effective treatments. The funds also support distribution of the test kits to low-income countries in Africa and the Middle East.

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John Canady, CEO of National Philanthropic Trust UK, has 25 years of experience working across the business, nonprofit and government sectors. He specializes in creating and managing philanthropic funds for donors and family offices around the world who wish to base their philanthropy from the UK.



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